the pistachio factory in iran country

the pistachio factory in iran country

Each the pistachio factory in Iran country may process several thousand tons of pistachio annually and offer in consumer markets. Therefore, the pistachio factory in Iran can be considered a powerful supplier of pistachio in the world.

Do you have information about the annual production of pistachios in Iran? Iran exports pistachios to various parts of the world, many countries directly and also indirectly buy and consume Iran pistachiosDoes Iran produce tons of pistachio per year that has been able to find this power and supply capability and meet the need of many customers and countries in the world?


Pistachio production in Iran

How is the pistachio tree yield in Iran? They have a great year and a year in productivity is low. However, the total amount of pistachio production per year in Iran is often about 200 thousand tons.

This is clearly indicative of the fact that pistachios are among the most important crops in Iran. Iran sale the highest amount of pistachio produced  in the export sector and, of course, Iranians themselves on the domestic market consume its percentage.

Iran is one of the largest exporters of pistachios in the world with a high volume of production each year and having successful exports to different parts of the world. And in this context it has trade and cooperation with different countries.


The pistachio factory in Iran and pistachio mass exports

Due to the high pistachio production in Iran, we can consider each the pistachio factory as a powerful source supply and sale of pistachios. Buy pistachios in very high amounts at different intervals over a year can be done without interruption. Each country can do this deal very simple by communicating with a pistachio factory in Iran.


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