unsalted pistachio kernels

unsalted pistachio kernels

The unsalted pistachio kernels are used to produce all kinds of foods that the pistachio brain is an essential ingredient in their composition. In this article, we introduce a variety of these products.

The use of pistachio kernels in confectionery is very common. Many of the world’s most delicious sweets contain pistachios.


Unsalted pistachio kernels for Confectionery

Confectionery Nougat: Nougat is the most famous Iranian pastry. This sweets is not only popular in Iran but also exported extensively to different parts of the world. Most of the exports are related to PISTACHIO SOFT NOUGAT, which is used in combination with pistachio. The pistachios used in Nougat are often fresh as well as green pistachio. Which makes the Taste Nougat very delicious.

Baklova : Baklova is a bakery that Tabriz city in Iran as well as in Turkey produce. Pistachio is the main ingredient of this sweet. The pistachio brains used in Baklova in both Tabriz and Turkey are often wild pistachio. Which has a good fat as well as a very green color. The wild pistachio is one of the pistachios that exit in iran.
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Unsalted pistachio kernels for ice cream

Pistachio kernels are also used in other products, such as ice cream. The taste of pistachio kernels in ice cream is attracting consumers. The breeders use broken pistachios, especially ground pistachios, to make ice cream.

Also pistachio kernels in chocolate: You’ve probably seen a nuts brain candy. Pistachio is one of the tasty nuts for types of chocolates.

Of course, as we mentioned above, the unsalted pistachio kernels used for various products are often of a different quality. Therefore, producer uses his own taste of unsalted pistachio kernels for his products.

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