pistachio kernels iran

Many countries purchase the pistachio kernels for many and different uses. We introduce the types of pistachio nuts kernels with their use in the following text. You can select and order your product by studying this text.

We can put the most important pistachio kernels Iran in several groups. We introduce the following in full with their use:

Natural Pistachio kernels/ Floral healthy kernel:

The image of this sample is the pistachio kernels below. We product this pistachio kernels from close shell pistachios, and also sometimes from semi-open shell or rarely from open shell pistachios.

pistachio kernels iran

Natural Pistachio kernels

This type of pistachio is the only type used in addition to consumption in food industry units as nuts.


The green unripe pistachio kernels

Some regions of Iran harvest pistachios unripe forms. This is done with the goal of producing green pistachio kernels. The kernels of the unripe pistachios are very green, making this product very suitable for use in the food industry.

Producer use the kernels of unripe pistachios for produce of different product’s pistachios. One case of it has been used in the production of green peeled pistachio kernels. Other uses include the use of this product in the production of pistachio powder. The kernels of unripe pistachios are widely used because of the green color in food industry units.


The green peeled pistachio kernels

Producer produce the green pistachio kernels by separating the superficial skin from the kernels of unripe pistachios.

You see the photo of this product below. These products are several different qualities. The most important parameter that matters in grading this type of pistachio is the color of the pistachio kernels and its fracture percentage. Of coarse, the size of the pistachio kernels is another factor that we are considering in pistachio kernels grading.

Green Peeled pistachio Kernels

Green Peeled pistachio Kernels

This pistachio is very suitable for use in confectionery and also many food industry units, even in restaurants and also hotels.


Other types of pistachio kernels include the following groups.

  • The meat kernels.
  • Also the broken pistachio kernels.
  • And …

In the article on the price of pistachio kernels, we have studied these products in detail.

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