buy pistachio kernels in bulk

buy pistachio kernels in bulk

Buy pistachio kernels in bulk packages of 70 kilograms is possible. But is this suitable for all types of pistachio kernels?

Food packaging is aimed at protecting them from quality degradation under the influence of environmental factors. Nuts, and especially pistachios, are no exception. Environmental factors such as impact on the product, humidity and heat of the environment, oxygen along with moisture and heat, etc. can affect pistachios over time and cause loss of product quality. Producers and exporters of pistachios have tried to define and use the best packaging for pistachios to prevent the occurrence of these events.

In this article, we want to look at packages that are considered in buy pistachio kernels in bulk.


Type of packing in buy pistachio kernels in bulk

We use 70 kg pistachio bags to package this product. But is this type of packaging suitable for any kind of pistachio?

The first thing to note is that bagging can not protect the product against environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, and heat. Therefore, this type of shipment is not suitable for distant distances and exports. But for close distances, you can choose this package in buy pistachio kernels in bulk. Of course not for any kind of pistachio! Brains of a healthy grade of pistachios are likely to be fractured and degraded during transportation when carried with this type of shredding. But this packing is suitable for cheap pistachio kernels such as meat kernels.

So what is the best packaging for pistachio kernels?

The best kind of packaging we choose its in buy pistachio kernels in bulk is vacuum and carton packaging. The vacuum applied to the pistachio brain can keep the product from moisture, oxygen and heat. And carton disassembly can protect it from blows during transportation.

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