organic pistachio kernels

organic pistachio kernels

The organic pistachio kernels generally have two types of wild pistachio and garden pistachio brains. In the following, we introduce these two models of pistachio kernels and their target markets.

One of the most important pistachio production centers is Iran. Organic products in the world have their own fans. These consumers are interested in consuming organic food in all food groups, including nuts. Pistachio is one of the most popular nuts in the world. Some regions of Iran produce the organic pistachios. And then pistachio exporters distribute its in worldwide.

Organic pistachio is two kinds of wild pistachio and pistachio garden.


Wild organic pistachio kernels

Wild pistachio that Iran call this product “baneh”, grows without human involvement and completely natural. Therefore, it is a completely organic product. In other words.
The wild pistachio has a very green flavor. Suitable for use in food industry units such as confectionery. Among the most important consumers, we can introduce Turkey and the European Union and, of course, Iran itself.


Garden organic pistachio kernels

The organic pistachio kernels come from pistachios that are produced organically. In the development of pistachio trees for production of organic pistachio is not used of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So this product is also quite organic. The most important consumer market for this product is Europe, including Germany.

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