nice pistachio kernels

nice pistachio kernels

Nice pistachio kernels are determined by the type of pistachio use. In other words, the application of the pistachio brain determines how we should buy the quality of the pistachio kernels.

The variety in the quality of the pistachios is high. The reasons for the variety are the type of processing, the pistachio specimen, the type of pistachio used for its processing, etc. But nice pistachio kernels to buy which type of pistachio?

This is precisely determined by the type of application of the brain. Here are some examples below to make the issue clear.


Nice pistachio kernels for nuts

What if pistachios are used as nuts, what are the characteristics that the buyer pays attention to?

  1. Healthy and not broken.
  2. Its coarse.
  3. Having good appearance and color.
  4. Its fresh taste and also good taste.

Therefore, the brains of healthy and fairly large pistachios are the right choice for this type of use.


Nice pistachio kernels for process pistachio powder

What are the characteristics of pistachio kernels if we use the pistachios to process products such as pistachio powder?

The most important thing to consider in pistachio powder is its color. Therefore, it is important to select the green pistachio kernels to process the powder. Given that pistachio powder producers put the pistachios in their grinding process, so it is not important to tiny it. Of course, given that the tiny green pistachio kernels is cheaper than the coarse green green pistachios, the pistachio powder producer will select the tiny green pistachio kernels for purchase.

As you can see, we choice the nice pistachio kernels base on the application of pistachio kernels.

You can see the types of pistachio kernels qualities in the catalog and contact us for more information or ordering.

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