pistachio kernels bulk buy

pistachio kernels bulk buy

For pistachio kernels bulk buy, first you need to specify your buying target. Then we can choose the best type of pistachio kernels from different models.

Look at these three examples. The intention is to buy pistachio nuts to add it to the nuts. In this case, the only healthy and large pistachios can be appropriate. We can not use the brain of broken pistachios for this logic. Of course, healthy pistachios have different qualities. In terms of size, wrinkling and, of course, percentage fracture.


Pistachio kernels bulk buy for processing butter

Now, if the goal of pistachio kernels bulk buy is to use it to process different products such as pistachio butter, the course and healthy pistachio kernels is not a good option. The pistachio kernels used to make pistachio butter should be high in fat. But it does not matter whether the coarseness or broken percentage within it. But the fatty and greenness of the pistachio is very important. Based on this fact, we can use different models of pistachio kernels, including unripe pistachio kernels, green meat kernels, etc.


Pistachio kernels bulk buy to process slivered pistachio

Perhaps pistachio kernels bulk buy with the aim of using it to produce pistachio slivered. In this case, two factors will be important. First, the pistachio must be green. And the next is the coarse and healthy pistachio brain. Therefore, the two above mentioned can not be a good option for this use. We need a large but green pistachio brain. Among the Persian pistachios, the Qazvin pistachio is the best option for use in pistachio slices processing.

You can choose and buy the product according to the type of use of the pistachio brain.

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