pistachio nuts price comparison

pistachio nuts price comparison

We will do pistachio nuts price comparison for different qualities and types of pistachios below. This article first introduced the quality of pistachios and then compared them with their prices.

The pistachio tree has many varieties. The variety of Iranian pistachio varieties is very high, however, we can identify five cultivars of Iranian pistachio cultivars, which have the highest production output. These 5 digits differ in many ways.


Iranian pistachio nuts types

Their physical characteristics, including their shape, size, etc., are different. These pistachios have even a different chemical composition. That’s why their taste is different from each other. This is a unique and fantastic issue for any bachelor.

Often you are familiar with these five pistachio cultivars. These five digits are:

  • Fandoghi pistachio known as round.
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: Due to its apparent appearance, it is known as long in the world market.
  • Akbari Pistachio: with a super-long name.
  • Kalleh Ghuchi Pistachio: Which has a large. shapeless shape. That’s why they are called Jumbo.
  • Badami Pistachios: from a long pistachio family but often have a small size. The ounces of this pistachio variety are similar to Fandoghi pistachios.


Pistachio nuts price comparison for different varieties

Among the various pistachio varieties, Fandoghi pistachios have the lowest dollar value due to their small size. Instead, the Akbari and Kalleh Ghuchi pistachios are coarse and so they have the highest dollar value.

For example, the largest size of natural hazelnut pistachio, which is 28-30, ranges from $ 7.9 to $ 8.4 depending on the quality of the product. While the size of the 20-22 Akbari ranges from $ 11 to $ 11.5. (The price is for the last week of May 2018).

Different countries demand the different pistachios because of their taste differences. This means that, for example, Russia has a different kind of pistachio and the country of Iraq. Or Singapore or Europe are different types of pistachios in Iran.

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