raw shelled pistachios for sale

raw shelled pistachios for sale

Raw shelled pistachios for sale can be classified based on several parameters. Accordingly, we determine their types. Of course, we can use pistachios in raw type and without the need for secondary processing.

The most important issue in the classification of pistachios is cultivar. Pistachios have different varieties.


The types of raw shelled pistachios for sale

The most important pistachio cultivars of Iran, which we have already introduced, include Fandoghi, Kalleh Ghouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Badami. Each of these numbers has three types of naturally opened, mechanically opened and closed mouth. There is a difference in the quality and price between different kinds of peeled pistachios (the three types mentioned).


Consumption of raw shelled pistachios for sale

In this section, we refer to the use of three types of pistachios for each variety.

Naturally opened pistachios that are often suitable for nuts. we can use these pistachios as raw. Of course, it is also made of toast and flavored. Of course, naturally open are rarely used to make pistachio kernels.

But mechanically opened pistachios just for the purpose of consuming as nuts. These pistachios are often processed and flavored. We also process and use closed mouth pistachios in two ways. Or use for processing pistachio kernels or processing of mechanically opened for prepare for nuts.

You can order a variety of shelled pistachios in a variety of raw and also roasted. To get familiar with our products, please read the catalog. You can also contact us.
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