MO pistachios for sale cheap

MO pistachios for sale cheap

MO pistachios are the best option pistachios for sale cheap? MO pistachio, what kind of pistachio? What parameters are included in their qualitative grading?

In general, we can put the smelly pistachios in two main groups.

  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Mechanically opened pistachios

We will explain both models of smelly pistachios completely in their respective sections, in the following.


NO pistachios for sale

These pistachios, called naturally opened pistachios, naturally smile on the tree during the pistachio brain development stage. In fact, the high growth of pistachio kernels leads to a cracking of the pistachio skin. These are open shell seeds. The naturally opened pistachios have the best and highest quality among the various types of pistachios. So they have the highest dollar value.


Types of MO pistachios for sale cheap

The mechanically opened pistachios for sale, which model are pistachios? In fact, these pistachios are pistachios that do not naturally smile on the tree. These pistachios often have a brain percentage of less than 52 percent. For this reason, during the pistachio growth period, the brain has not been able to break its skins. So pistachio seeds are closed mouths.

Percentage of closed mouth pistachio seeds after separating from naturally open seeds, we artificially smile. So we call them mechanically opened pistachios (MO Pistachios).

This pistachio model has lower prices than naturally opened pistachios, and the best pistachio model for sale cheap. You can view and check the quality of the mechanically opened pistachios in the catalog.


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