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Mechanically opened pistachios, as bulk pistachios cheap for sale, are widely sold in the consumer market of various countries, including China, Pakistan, also Russia and ….

The diversity in pistachios is very high. This variation is due to the difference in pistachio characteristics. One of the most important characteristics of pistachios is the meat percentage (percentage of pistachio kernels). This parameter is very important.

How much the meat percentage of Iranian pistachios?
To answer this question, we must first classify pistachios. Because this value is very different for the two different types of open shell pistachios.


Iranian pistachios types

Open shell pistachios have two groups:

  • NO Pistachios
  • MO Pistachios

We introduce a group called NO pistachios. The abbreviation of natural open. That is, the pistachios whose seeds are naturally opened on tree.
The next group is MO pistachios. Mechanically opened pistachios. These pistachios are processed mechanically and artificially. In fact, close shell pistachios turn into mechanically opened pistachios at one stage of processing.

The percentage of pistachio kernels (%meat) is the most important factor in distinguishing between two types of pistachios.

  • The %meat of NO pistachios is high, more than 54%. The range from 54 to 59 percent.
  • But, the %meat of MO pistachios is low and about 43-50%. Also, in very few cases, this quantity is 51 or 52 percent.

You see a lot of difference between the two groups. One of the main reasons for the huge difference in price of mo and no pistachios is this parameter. Therefore, MO pistachios is suitable for bulk pistachios cheap for sale.

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