Iran shelled pistachios for sale

Iran shelled pistachios for sale are available in which countries? Do Iranian pistachio meet the standards of these countries in terms of quality and health?

The countries below are the most important target markets for Iranian pistachios. As you can see, these countries are not limited to a continent or region. Therefore, we can introduce 5 continents of the world and most of the world from Iranian pistachio customers. The countries that buy the most pistachios from Iran are:

  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam
  • Emirates
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Also Russia
  • And …

Import volumes to countries such as India, Brazil, etc. have also been increasing in recent years. India is becoming one of the major pistachio consumption markets.

The point and question that is raised and needs to be addressed is the pistachio standard for trade. As we have seen, Iran’s pistachio has many customers in the world. Countries with different standards and different rules. Does pistachio Iran pass the standard of these countries? And is there enough diversity to estimate the needs of different countries?


Iran pistachio exports

Iran shelled pistachios for sale has a high quality variety. Such as by applying the secondary processing steps, the quality of a pistachio cargo can be increased to reach the standard required for exports to a particular country.
The advantage of high quality pistachio varieties is its ability to sell in different countries with different culture and standards. Exports of Iranian pistachio have made a good boom all over the world. Because of its high diversity, it has the ability to meet the needs of different countries.


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