raw shelled pistachios

raw shelled pistachios

Raw shelled pistachios are classified on what basis? What are their types? Is the type of roasting it used to be? Where can I buy Raw shelled pistachios?

Raw shelled pistachios are obtained from different varieties of pistachios. Such as Fandoghi pistachios, Kelleh Ghuchi pistachios, and Ahmad AGhaei.

Raw shelled pistachios have different types. They are categorized according to the following:

  • The type of pistachio that is effective is used to process it.
  • It is very important in any type of cleanliness and the percentage of extraneous matter present in it.
  • The green or yellow of the pistachio brain is one of the parameters to be considered.
  • Its newness is also very important.
  • And …

Uses of raw shelled pistachio

Raw shelled pistachios have a very diverse range of uses. Used as nuts, used in food industry units such as confectionery, chocolate making, ice cream making and so on.

Is shelled pistachios only used in raw form?

Roasted shelled pistachios

Shelled pistachios, especially for nuts, are also used as roasted form. In the process of roasting them, flavoring materials such as pepper, salt, vegetables, etc. (like the skin inside the skin) are also used.

Sellers offer shelled pistachios pistachios in bulk and packaged (in small packages). Bulk types are often packed in cartons weighing 10 and 12.5 kg.

You can get in touch with us for the preparation of raw and also roasted shelled pistachios. Type roasted and flavored to customer order is carried out.

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