raw unshelled pistachios export

raw unshelled pistachios export

Raw unshelled pistachios export to countries such as Germany, India, etc., which can be said to have a developed confectionery industry, are carried out annually in high volume.

What models of Iranian pistachios enter global consumption markets? Is the only model that Iranian pistachio export, shelled pistachios are? In other words, what is the position of different pistachio products in export terms?

Iran does not offer only pistachios in shell in global markets, but a variety of Iranian pistachio products are also well positioned in exports.
We can mention raw unshelled pistachios export, including product’s pistachios that export to a relatively high boom in some parts of the world.


Export of raw unshelled pistachios export to India, Germany and Turkey

Countries that are applying for pistachio kernels from Iran are buying this product for use in food industry, including confectionery.

Among these countries, we can mention below countries are buyers of pistachio kernels from Iran

  • India
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • As well as Arab countries like Qatar.
  • Also Countries like Australia, Poland, Canada, the UAE and … 

These countries often have a sweetened confectionery industry and they use these products for use in the confectionery industry.’

Of course, the quality of the pistachio brains that each of these countries buys may vary with each other. For example, the kernels of close shell pistachios are suitable for the European Union. Or Turkey has a lot of love for Iranian wild pistachios.

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