shelled pistachios sale

shelled pistachios for sale

Iran’s shelled pistachios for sale are offered to many countries in the world, including Asian, American, European and other countries. We introduce a number of target countries for shelled pistachios sale at below.

Iran as one of the main centers of pistachio production and supply, exports this product to many countries. Which includes all five continents of the world. The most important countries that high shelled pistachios sale include the following countries.

  • Hong Kong
  • The UAE
  • Vietnam
  • Also Germany
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • India
  • And …

Iran offers the shelled pistachios for sale in types bulk and also packaged . It also exports pistachios in both types of raw and roasted. Traders in the countries have ordered a special kind of pistachio according to their country’s requirements.

Re-export of shelled pistachios

Countries like Hong Kong and the UAE are re-exporting it by buying pistachios from Iran in addition to supplying their country’s market needs. Or a country like Turkey often a high volume of products that they buy from Iran, sends to the European Union.

But countries like the Russia and India are buying their pistachio from Iran only for their domestic market.

Anata Nuts Company is a pistachio exporter in Iran. Which has direct contact with merchants all over the world.

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