Bulk buy pistachio nuts kernels for ice cream

Bulk buy pistachio nuts kernels for ice cream

Bulk buy pistachio nuts kernels for ice cream, sweets, decorating food and … in many countries is booming. What kind of pistachio are suitable for these uses?

Pistachios are oil seeds used both as nuts and as kernels as the primary ingredient in the processing of pastries, ice cream and …. This is not true in Iran alone; many countries use pistachio kernels in the preparation of various types of food.

But the point is that this is. What kind of pistachio kernels is suitable for use in nuts and what kind of pistachio kernels is suitable for food industry units.

Types of pistachio nuts kernel

The pistachio kernels have a great variety of products. Below are some types of pistachio kernels.

  • The healthy Flower Pistachio kernels
  • Unripe Pistachio kernels
  • Green Peeled Pistachio kernels
  • The Wild Pistachio kernels
  • Also Small Meats Pistachio kernels
  • The broken pistachio kernels
  • And …

Each quality also has different costs. For example, broken pistachio kernels are used in food industry units, including sweets. Also, the Green Peeled Pistachio kernels, the type of pistachio that the food processing unit uses and is not suitable for nuts. While healthy flowered pistachio kernels are suitable for use as nuts.

As you can see, pistachios have different qualities. And any food industry unit may need a special type. You can check the catalog of products to look at the types of pistachios of Anata Nuts company.

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