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What is the Iranian pistachio pistachio price per kilo to import into the UK? Which types of pistachios can we import into the UK? In other words, which pistachios can meet British standards?

To answer the above questions, in the first step, we will refer to the laws of UK for importing the pistachios to England. We will then introduce pistachios that can fit and fit these rules. And the price range is somewhat raised.

The UK standard for pistachio imports

We can identify the UK as one of the countries that has set a very low permissible limit for pistachio aflatoxin. As you know, aflatoxin is a toxin producing Aspergillus in some foods. This fungus may also grow in pistachios and infect pistachios with Aflatoxin. High levels of toxin in food can cause the living creature to become cancerous.

The reason for this is that pistachios with a very low Aflatoxin level are suitable for import into the UK.

But, which pistachios have low levels of Aflatoxin?

pistachio price per kilo for import to the UK

We can categorize both kinds of the open shell pistachios, both the naturally and also the mechanically opened pistachios in a degree of quality. For example, super quality grades, which often have a very low level of contamination with aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin allowed mechanical open pistachios are priced at 7$ or higher, also for the natural open pistachios at 8$ and higher depending on the quality of pistachios. Of course, depending on product quality, the price can be higher or lower than this range. 

Note: (Given the pistachio price fluctuation, we do not offer accurate pricing in the articles. To access the price of the day, please fill in Price inquiry form and send us, or contact us.)

Regarding the types of pistachio kernels, the kernels, which are processed from the close mouth pistachios, are the ideal option for import into the UK.

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