cheap pistachios for sale

Mechanically opened cheap pistachios for sale

The mechanically opened pistachios are sold as cheap pistachios. What is the reason for their low price? In other words, what’s their difference with naturally open pistachios?

From the two groups of pistachios open shell, the mechanically opened pistachios are considered as cheap products. These pistachios often have acceptable quality as well as cheap prices.

The processing of mechanically opened pistachios (cheap pistachios)

We use the pistachio mouth close after separating from the pistachios open shell in two ways.

1) For processing the kernels: Manufacturers of pistachio kernels, often pistachio kernels process from close shell pistachios and in In very few cases of open shell pistachios.

2) Also to prepare the mechanically opened pistachios: Often, the coarse close shell pistachios, which look good, are artificially smile. In other words, the mechanically opened pistachios are in fact close shell pistachios, which, after separating the open shell pistachios, smile artificially.

Buy the cheapest pistachio nuts

The close shell pistachios have a smaller brain than natural open shell pistachios. Therefore, most pistachios that are smoother mechanically also have a smaller brain. This is one of the main reasons for lowering their prices.

The flavors of naturally opened pistachios also have a better taste. This is another reason for cheaper mechanically opened pistachios.

In sum, the mechanically opened pistachios can be affordable price and good quality. And are suitable for import. The countries of China, Russia and … are these pistachios importers.

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