iran pistachio price per kg in kerala

iran pistachio price per kg in kerala

What is the iran pistachio price per kg in Kerala? In addition to Pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei, which types of pistachios can be suitable for import to India? What is the number of pistachios in Iran?

All five continents know the world of pistachios in Iran. Asia’s continent is one of the major consumers of Iranian pistachios. Asian countries such as India, China as well as Taiwan, the UAE, also Korea, Japan, etc. can be put on the list of Iranian pistachio importers.

Among these countries, India is one of the countries where the annual pistachios are bought from Iran. And of course, in recent years, it has also been increasing.

In addition to using pistachios as nuts, India also uses this product in its sweetener industry. Due to the good prosperity of the confectionery industry in the country, the volume of imports of the pistachio kernels in addition to the pistachios in shell is also noteworthy.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price in India

The most important kind of pistachio that the people of India, such as in the Kerala, are Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei. The AA pistachio often has a white skin and looks so beautiful. The reason for the interest of the people of India is this too.

The iran pistachio price per kg in India is dependent on countless parameters. The pistachio ounces as well as quality are one of the requirements. The volume of purchases is another factor that is effective in estimating the pistachios price. AA pistachio prices range from around 6.2$ to a mechanically opened pistachios to higher (about $ 11.5$) for naturally opened pistachios. Of course, depending on the quality of the product, the price can be higher or lower than this range.

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