best jumbo pistachios price per kg

best jumbo pistachios price per kg

best jumbo pistachios price per kg can be available if you access the main supplier of this product in Iran. In the following, we will briefly explain this pistachio.

Jumbo Pistachio is the most important commercial pistachio in Iran after Fandogi. This figure also has a hazelnut shape. It is coarse. It has an ounce of 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26. There is a high percentage of nuts.
The color of the bony skin is white with a modest darkness. And the flower color of the red pistachio is gray.

The production and cultivation of pistachios have been developed in Iran for the following reasons:
The first is the relatively high performance of the Jumbo variety. The second problem is the coarse grains and the large brains of the pistachios. The tree of this pistachio is often stronger than the Fandogi variety.

Of course, there are some disadvantages, such as early flowering. It is therefore sensitive to spring frost. There is a possibility to see the damage from spring cold.


Best jumbo pistachios production

Various Iranian cities such as Rafsanjan in Kerman province are producers of this pistachio. Persian pistachio has a lot of fans in the Iranian domestic market as well as among Iranian foreign pistachio clients.

In Iran, Tabriz is one of the most promising customers of this product. Among the countries that buy pistachios in Iran, we can also introduce the European Union as one of the main customers of this figure. Jumbo Pistachio exports to countries such as the UAE are also in major volumes. The UAE, of course, is one of the pistachio re-exporters.

If you want to get the best jumbo pistachios price per kg, direct access to the main supplier of this product is essential. Direct purchases from Iranian pistachio exporters can help us achieve the best quality product in addition to reaching the best quality product.

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