pistachio nuts sale uk

pistachio nuts sale uk

The pistachio nuts sale UK due to its specific standards for pistachio imports requires some observation. We will discuss this article.

The sale of pistachio nuts to England is part of the annual pistachio exports of Iran. Sales of Iranian pistachio nuts in the UK have flourished due to compliance with the country’s standards when shipping pistachios from Iran. But what’s important about selling pistachio nuts to the UK is in this article.

Exports of Super Quality Pistachios to UK

The England is often the highest quality pistachio. In the case of defective seeds, pistachios are in several quality ranks:

  • The super quality
  • Excellent quality
  • Quality first grade
  • Second Degree Quality
  • Also third grade quality

The England often claims pistachios with the lowest percentage of defects. In other words, the most suitable pistachio for export to the United Kingdom is quality pistachio. But in terms of chemical properties and fungal contamination, the UK has also identified standards for pistachio trade.


The UK standards for pistachio Aflatoxin

The pistachios are oily and oily seeds that are likely to contaminate aflatoxin poison. The UK is one of the countries that has set limits on Aflatoxin. The UK limit for Aflatoxin has very low levels. Therefore, in selling pistachio nuts to England, pistachios must be sent with a minimum amount of fungal contamination. So, in terms of toxins contamination, the pistachios with super quality approved for sale to England.

If you intend to import pistachios to the UK, you can tell us the product you are requesting. The fastest way to check and select a product and register your order is to follow the shopping guide.

Please refer to the shopping guide. Through this section you can read the quality of products. Also, familiarize yourself with the process of ordering the order.

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