Iran pistachio price per kilo

Iran pistachio price per kilo

What is the Iran pistachio price per kilo? We want to buy pistachios from Iran, how can we get the price of pistachios delivered in our country?

In order to estimate the Iran pistachio price per kg, the buyer must first specify the following for us:

1) The pistachio type: Iran’s pistachios have different types and qualities. The type of pistachio has a direct impact on its price. Among the various pistachio varieties, the naturally opened pistachios have the highest price and the closed shell pistachios have lowest price.

2) The pistachio cultivar: Iranian pistachio cultivars contain five varieties with different physical characteristics. This is one of the factors influencing the price of pistachios.

3) Also pistachio Size: When pistachio type and variety are known, pistachio size is raised. The size of pistachios is expressed in units of ounce. The number of pistachios per ounce determines the size of the pistachio.

4) Secondary processing: The pistachios are used in all kinds of raw and roasted food. If there is a need for a secondary processing process, the seller estimates its cost and adds to the price of raw pistachios. Therefore, the final price of pistachios will be different.

5) As well as pistachio packing: Pistachios have large and small packages. Large packages are suitable for pistachio bulk sales that have different types. According to the standards of the country of destination, the transportation route and … the appropriate packaging type is chosen.

Other items also affect the price of pistachios. Due to side costs, these items cause the price of pistachios to change.


Iran pistachio price per kilo for delivery in …

In international transactions, one of the most important issues between the buyer and seller is the delivery and receipt of pistachios cargo. If the delivery price is set at the destination, the seller adds additional costs to the final price of pistachios. Additional expenses, such as transportation to the destination country, the cost of customs duties and … .

We announce the most important influences on pistachio prices. But one issue remains, and that is the volume of purchase. How does the purchase volume affect the price of pistachios?


The effect of purchasing volume on the Iran pistachio price per kilo

The most important explanation is this. If the volume of pistachio purchase is high, the additional costs, such as packaging, processing and … per pound of pistachios will be lower. Therefore, the purchase price will often be lower.

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