iran pistachio export price per kg

pistachio iran export price per kg

Is the pistachio export price per kg different from its domestic sales price? What issue can this cause? In this article we will examine this issue.

In the estimation of the export price per kg of pistachio, export side costs are also calculated and added to the price of pistachios. What should an exporter consider as an export cost to estimate the final price?

Factors affecting iran pistachio export price per kg

1. Pistachio quality: Sometimes the quality of pistachio exports is different from that of domestic sales. This is the first point in the difference in export prices per kilogram of pistachios with the price of pistachios in the domestic market.

2. Export packaging of the product: According to the terms of transportation, the packaging used in the delivery of export cargo should be of higher quality. As well as the packing type must conform to the country of destination. These often cause the cost of exporting the packaging different from the product packaging for the domestic market.

3. Customs charges: The delivery of the goods outside the country of origin requires a customs clearance. So, the cost of customs duties is added to the price of the product.

4. International shipping costs: Shipping costs are another cost to the product.

The abovementioned items create additional costs that the vendor will pay attention to when selling their products.

Of course, the other issue is the volume of the purchase. Which has an impact on the price of the product. Often the volume of export sales is high. This will significantly reduce the cost per pound of pistachios.

Exporters will consider the pistachio export price per kg  based on these items.

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