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Persian pistachios for sale, we want to introduce according to the common category that exists for this product. Most likely, the study of this article can help you make a better choice to buy Persian pistachios.

In this article we introduce the pistachios in shell and their classification for pistachio type. This category can, to a large extent, determine the ambiguity of the high price difference between pistachios in shell.


Persian pistachios for sale

We can categorize the pistachios in shell in the following two models.

  • Mechanically opened pistachio
  • Naturally opened pistachios

Do you know the difference between these pistachios?

Pistachios that naturally smile on the tree. We call these naturally opened pistachios. When the fruit of the pistachio tree is in the growth stages, with the enlargement of the pistachio brain, its skin is split. So pistachio naturally smiles.

But some seeds can not grow properly. And their brains remain small. Therefore, there is no cracking on the skin. These pistachios are close. We sometimes smile pistachios artificially. These pistachios are mechanically opened pistachios.

If you pay attention to the above explanation, you will notice the most important difference between these two pistachios. Yes, you guessed it right. The percentage of pistachio’s brain is the most important difference between these types of pistachios. The amount of brain naturally opened pistachios is higher than mechanically opened pistachios. This is also the main reason for their significant price difference.

Of course, there is another difference. We also mentioned this above. Naturally opened pistachios taste is better than Mechanically opened pistachio. And this is obvious. Because:

  1. Naturally opened pistachios have completely grown.
  2. And of course it’s quite natural. While mechanically open pistachios are produced during the secondary processing stage, the process of processing affects their taste.

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