persian pistachio nuts for sale

persian pistachio nuts for sale

Persian pistachio nuts for sale in five general categories in terms of variety, 3 categories for each variety in terms of type, and each type in more than three degrees of quality.

To categorize Persian pistachios, we work in the order we mentioned above. In the case of all three issues, namely, the variety, the type and quality of pistachio, we will explain the following. And we say that pistachios have several groups in terms of these three parameters, and we will introduce them.


Persian pistachio nuts types

You can see Iran pistachio crops in the picture below. Of the different varieties of Persian Pistachio, 5 of them have the highest production. These five cultivars are the main cultivars of Iranian pistachio.

pistachio price in iran

Persian pistachio nuts for sale

Each pistachio variety has three types. That is, it’s also a naturally opened species, both the type of mechanically opened pistachios and the type of close shell pistachios. The two open shell groups are are suitable as nuts. And the close mouth type  is also used in two ways, for pistachio kernels processing or for the processing of mechanically opened pistachios.

There are different qualities for each type and variety of pistachios. For example, Ahmad Aghaei mechanically opened pistachios may be different in terms of size and percentage of meat.

We bring two examples:

  • Ahmad Aghaei mechanically opened pistachios 26-28 with %meat 47
  • Ahmad Aghaei mechanically opened pistachios 26-28 with %meat 45.

In the brief explanation given above, we described the pistachio quality grading method.

All the pistachio quality of Iran has a successful export to various parts of the world. Countries with different tastes buy pistachios from Iran and Persian pistachio is due to a variety that meets the needs of most parts of the world.

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