pistachio iran export price

pistachio iran export price

In order to receive and request pistachio iran export price, you need to be familiar with all types of Persian pistachios. In this article we briefly describe the types of pistachios and their products.

We generally categorize pistachio products in pistachio in shell, pistachio kernels, slivered pistachios, pistachio powder, pistachio butter and pistachios oil. Each category has several types and qualities. So, as you can see, pistachio iran export price will be different because of the high variety of products. In this article, we will look at the types of pistachios in shell. In the following articles we will fully explain the other products described above.


Pistachio iran export price for pistachio in shell

Put pistachio in shell in 5 digits and each digit in three types. Below are the following. 5 digits are:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  •  Ahmad Ahaghi Pistachio
  • Kalleh ghuchi Pistachio
  • Badami pistachio
  • Fandoghi pistachio

And each of these five digits has the following types:

  • Mechanically opened pistachios
  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Closed pistachios

So pistachios in shell have 15 subgroups. Each subgroup is ranked in terms of quality. We categorized in 5 different groups. In determining pistachio iran export price, we need to consider the variety, type and quality of pistachio in shell. You also need to inform the supplier of pistachio in shell, in order to be able to estimate the exact price. And then announce you.

We have put these different qualities in detail in the catalog. You can check the catalog for a more accurate selection of your requested quality. Or contact us directly to advise you.

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Also our product list: The Catalog.

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