iran pistachio export price

pistachio iran export price

Do you want to know about the pistachio export price? What information should you provide to the seller, so that he will notify you of the price of pistachios according to the agreed terms?

Maybe you have a question, how does the pistachio company estimate the price of the product? In other words, they want when the price they pay attention to what?

We will explain these briefly. We need to get this information from the buyer’s side, so we can announce the pistachio price.


1) Type, variety and size of pistachios

Dear buyers in asking for a price inquiry, the first step is to announce the type, variety and size of pistachios. If your information is incomplete, you can ask the seller to advise you.


2) The effect of pistachio packaging on the pistachio export price

Package type is determined according to the country of destination, route and terms of transportation, country’s taste and volume of sales. This item must be specified for the pistachio price.


3) Pistachio Order Quantity

One of the important issues in the price of pistachio is the purchase volume. Due to the side costs that the vendor enters in the product processing, the sales price depending on the volume of the request may change.


4) Place of delivery pistachios

The delivery location and transportation costs must be specified. Specifying the delivery term can be used to determine which side costs are involved.

The above items are some of the things that you need to inquire on price quotes from your loved ones. For ordering simplicity, we have placed the shopping guide section on the front page of the site.

We are ready to respond to your loved ones. Contact us.

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