raw pistachio wholesale

raw pistachio wholesale

Pistachio nuts is used both in raw and roasted. Pistachio trade is also common in both cases. Of course, raw pistachio wholesale is more prevalent than roasted pistachio wholesale in the global market.

A high percentage of Iranian pistachios are exported raw. Buyers often process it according to their taste in their country. However, some countries do not have pistachio processing facilities. Therefore, they buy roughly a few percent of their needed pistachios as roasted form. 

Wholesale roasted pistachio

Iranians process pistachios in different flavors.

  • Roasted pistachios
  • Roasted salted pistachios
  • Lemon pistachio
  • Pistachio with pepper flavor
  • Pistachio pepper and lemon juice
  • Also pistachios with Vegetable taste
  • And …
roasted pistachio wholesale

roasted pistachio wholesale

Also, saffron pistachios is another type of Iranian roasted pistachio.

Of course, the roasting method and the process of adding materials also different. Different roasting method result in different flavors of the same additives.

In Iran, two types of roasting are common for pistachios:

  1. European roasting
  2. Traditional roasting

The first case is favorite by foreign countries, especially the European Union. Countries like India also love it. Russia also loves Iranian salt pistachio. And in addition to raw pistachios, purchase salt pistachio is also from Iran.

We briefly introduce the Iranian roasted pistachio also. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the volume of raw pistachio wholesale and trading is far higher.

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