pistachio seeds sale

pistachio seeds for sale

In the pistachio seeds sale, pistachio quality is examined based on a few issues. In other words, do you know how pistachio seeds are categorized and sized? Producers on the basis of what parameters define the quality of pistachio?

To get this information, come along with us.

1) Pistachio type: Determine the type of pistachio in the pistachio seeds sale

The first and most important issue is the type of pistachio. In general, pistachios are classified in three categories:

  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Closed Shell pistachios
  • Also mechanically opened pistachios
pistachio seeds for sale

pistachio seeds for sale


2) Pistachio cultivar

The other item is pistachio. The most important commercial pistachio varieties in Iran include:

pistachio seeds for sale

pistachio seeds for sale


3) Pistachio size

The third is the size of pistachios. In addition to the introduction of various cultivars, You can see the sizes of a variety of pistachios in the image above. But we want to look at how to determine the size of the pistachio.

To determine the size of pistachios, the quantity of ounces used. For example, Akbari pistachio with 20-22 ounces also with 22-24 as well as 24-26 ounces . As a result, the number of pistachio seeds in an ounce is shown. Also, An ounce is 28.3 grams.


4) Pistachio Quality

The fourth case is the quality of pistachio. Items such as the following are those that determine the quality of pistachio. We discussed this item in the article “Buy Pistachio Nuts for Sale“.

  • Percentage of pistachio closed shell
  • Percentage of spots
  • As well as semi-smelly pistachios
  • Also non-uniformity of size
  • and etc.

Therefore, the seller and the buyer will determine these cases after determining the type, variety and size of pistachios. Producers and vendors, based on the above, determine the quality of pistachios. Accordingly, they also indicate the price of pistachios. In other words, in the pistachio seeds sale, the above are important.

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