ahmad aghaei pistachio sale

ahmad aghaei pistachio sale

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran, which has been able to sell well in world markets. You can get acquainted with this pistachio specifically and its size, as well as how to order the product below.

Iranian commercial pistachios have three groups of round pistachios, long pistachios and jumbo pistachios. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is from a family of long pistachios.

This pistachio has a relatively modest size. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio size is based on the number in an ounce range from 24 to 32.

One of the most important peculiarities of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, we can mention the whiteness of the pistachio bone skin. This feature has become popular.

Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi is currently exporting large quantities of Iran to other countries. Another characteristic of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is the beautiful color of pistachio flowers.

Of course, the other issue is the proper price due to the average size of pistachios. In other words, this pistachio variety has good quality and good price.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Export

Iran exports pistachio from Ahmad Ahaghi to many parts of the world. We can mention India from the most important countries that are customers of this kind of pistachio. The country of India likes the large size of this pistachio. And often they buy a naturally opened type.

Another country that is applying for Pistachio is Ahmad Ahaghi, Russia. Russia often calls for the kind of mechanically opened of this pistachio.
Countries like Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, the European Union and so on, are also Pistachio customers Ahmad Ahaghi. Therefore, Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi is one of the most important pistachio cultivars in Iran.

The Anata Nuts Company exports Ahmad Aghaei pistachios in several qualities and in a variety of naturally and mechanically opened.

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