raw pistachio kernels

raw pistachio kernels

The raw pistachio kernels have many uses. We want to use raw pistachio kernels as the primary ingredient in the preparation of a variety of sweets. The most important point to be mentioned here is which raw pistachio kernels can be suitable for use in confectionery.

We use the raw pistachio kernels in various shapes into the confectionery. We sue the raw pistachio kernels for decorative coarse with low fracture amount. Also we can also powder it. Or to crushed pistachios with coarse grains. Some confectioners also use pistachios in creamy confectionery.


Types of raw pistachio kernels

Given the variety of pistachio kernels used inside the sweets, it is evident that the various pistachio kernels qualities can be used for this type of use. From the brains of cheap pistachios to the very high quality pistachios, which often have higher prices.

For example, we prepared the pistachio powder often from meat kernels pistachios. This pistachio is a cheap pistachio. Or to decorate pastries and cakes, we can use two types of pistachios. Pistachio whole kernels or peeled pistachio kernels. Both these types of pistachios are of high quality pistachios, which often have high prices. Therefore, selecting raw pistachio kernel from different qualities depends precisely on type use this product. In fact, it depends on how we use this product. And of course, it’s about consumer tastes.

We introduce various types of pistachio kernels into the our catalog. You can view it and contact us to order the order.

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