buy pistachios from iran

buy pistachios from iran

Foreign buyers are worried about buy pistachios Iran. We have two main concerns of foreign businessmen have discussed in this article. And we will announce the ways that we used to solve them.

One of the issues raised in the purchase of pistachios from Iran, how to transfer money. Deal with Iran because of the sanctions that have been imposed on the country, is a little difficult. How to pay for the deal to buy pistachios from Iran?

Large pistachio exporters in Iran have paid attention to this issue. So they have started to create international companies. By establishing a branch and sales representative in other countries, they have been able to have current international accounts. Now, without any problems, they are doing their business all over the world.

buy pistachios iran LC payment

Unfortunately, these sanctions have difficult LC payments to Iranian banks. LC payment is safe payment method for both the buyer and the seller. Large pistachio exporters in Iran have also solved this problem by creating international branches.

buy pistachios iran CIF delivery term

Merchants buying pistachios from Iran often want to know the final price of pistachios in their destination. They want to know all the costs before they go shopping. Large pistachio exporters have made it possible with a strong customer response unit.

To find out about the method of dealing, payment and delivery of the product by Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio Company (Anata Nuts Co.), refer to the price section. Or contact us.

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