largest pistachio exporter

biggest pistachio exporter

Iran is the biggest pistachio exporter in the world. The reason for Iran’s success in pistachio exports is, in addition to its high volume of production, the correct recognition of consumer markets. This knowledge and supply of the product in accordance with it, have caused pistachio customers to be satisfied with the deal with Iran.

The history of pistachio production in Iran has reached over several centuries. Over time, Iranian merchants took this product to the rest of the world. And people from other countries also became familiar with this product. In this way, exports of pistachios began from Iran. Iran is the first producer and also the first exporter of pistachios in terms of its age. At the moment, it is also the biggest producer and exporter of pistachios in the world.

Iran pistachio has come to the market of many countries. Iranian merchants have been successful in introducing this product on all five continents. Currently, Iranian exporters are well aware of the pistachio consumption market. They use this awareness to process and send the product.

For example:

The presence of the biggest pistachio exporter in the European Union market

European countries have stricter rules on imports of pistachios. Because pistachios are a part of the food, there is the possibility of Aflatoxinogen fungi. Each cargo of pistachios that sent, If it does not have the EU standard, it will be rejected.

pistachio export to EU

pistachio export to EU

Fortunately, the quality of Iranian pistachios is high. And the standard passes most countries like the European Union, Singapore and … .

Iran pistachio exports to China

China is one of the biggest pistachio consumers in the world. This country supplies its product from Iran, as well as the United States. Chinese traders say the price is the most important indicator in the Chinese market. Therefore, they buy cheap pistachios.

Pistachio exporters in Iran have been able to identify the taste of each country and therefore export it accordingly.


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