pistachio price per pound 2017-2018

The change in the pistachio price per pound 2017-2018 has not been high on the basis of the dollar rate. Unfortunately, according to the rial, we saw a sharp rise in the price of pistachios. What is the reason for this and what has been the consequences?

Pistachio is the most important agricultural export product of Iran. The pistachio production in Iran is very high. A large percentage of it is also available globally. In fact, the amount of pistachios consumed in the domestic market is low, that is, Iran exports a significant amount of pistachios. This is a matter of course. Because the population of Iran is low and incomparable to the world population.


Pistachio price per pound 2017-2018 based on Rials and Dollars

According to this explanation, the largest volume of pistachios is traded at the dollar rate. The pistachio price fluctuation is very low based on the dollar. But the price of pistachios based on the rial?
Pistachio prices are not only dependent on supply and demand but are heavily influenced by the dollar rate in the Iranian market. Therefore, the fluctuation of pistachio prices is high on the rial. Sometimes the dollar rate in Iran is rising. And this directly affects the price of pistachios in the market, which also affects in purchasing and demand.

The summary is as follows. The most important influences on the price of pistachios are based on the dollar, the demand and supply in the global market, and in particular the international market conditions. The price of pistachios based on the rial, in addition to these, depends on the dollar rate in Iran.
Of course, with regard to the government’s supervision of the banking and foreign exchange system, the extent to which the ongoing exchange rate fluctuation has been somewhat resolved. And then we can see a more stable price for pistachios.

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