small walnut kernel

small walnut kernel

What can a small walnut kernel and broken be used for? As we have already said, the walnut brain has different applications in the food industry. Depending on the quality of the small walnut kernel, we can use this product in confectionery, for the extraction of walnut oil, or in ice cream, etc.

Walnut’s brain has different qualities. A bunch of walnuts is broken small walnut kernel. This walnut, the walnut brain is crushed. When treating the walnut and breaking the walnut, the percentage of the product is broken off from the skin. These brains are separated during the separation and placement of the walnut kernel and sold as broken small walnut kernel.

Uses of broken small walnut kernel

The use of broken small walnut kernel is very diverse. This product is also suitable for confectionery. It is also used in the cooking and processing of various types of desserts. And in products such as ice cream. Also, coarser seeds can be used in oil extraction.

The broken small walnut kernel has several models. We put them in 3 models. The first model is a kind of size that is the size of a lentil. The second group is peas sized. And broken small walnut kernel is the third type of nuts in the walnut is 1/4.

You can contact the company’s sales experts to purchase all three types of broken walnut or other types of walnut kernel models.

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