biggest exporter of pistachios

biggest exporter of pistachios

Which country is the biggest exporter of pistachios in the world? What are the characteristics of pistachios? How can we access the companies that export it?

The name and reputation of Iran in the field of pistachio exports is well-known in the world. It has been a pioneer in exporting this product since many years ago. The statistics on annual exports of pistachios also confirm this issue.

But what are the characteristics of pistachios in Iran? What are the advantages that are prioritized to the products of other competitors?

The most important characteristic of Iranian pistachio

The most important characteristic of Iran’s pistachio is its excellent taste. The high fat percentage of pistachio kernels has made the Iranian pistachio flavor excellent.

Of course, Iranian pistachio has several different varieties. The taste of the cultivars varies with each other. Those who taste the taste of Iranian pistachios have been amazed by their unique flavor and the variety of flavors for different varieties.

This characteristic of Iranian pistachio is due to the climatic conditions of Iran as well as how pistachio is cultivation.

According to this characteristic, many consumers of pistachios, even those of the United States who are themselves pistachio producers, are keen on buying pistachios from Iran.

Buy pistachios from the biggest exporter of pistachios

Pistachio customers often know Iran’s pistachio export companies for their past few years. These companies are often easily accessible to buyers and customers. Through their communication paths and various informational bridges, they introduce their activities and products to customers.

Fortunately, with the expansion of Internet communications, access to the Iranian pistachio exporter is very easy.

Anata Nuts Company is also one of the pistachios exporting companies in Iran. And direct export of this product all over the world.

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