pistachio export company

pistachio export company

The pistachio export company should focus on a few points in preparing and exporting pistachios, which we briefly mention in this article.

The first issue that pistachio export company should pay attention to is the quality of pistachios. The precise rules of the destination country regarding the import of pistachios must be specified. Accordingly, pistachio export company should prepare pistachio cargo.


Secondary processing on pistachios

In the next step, it is required that the type of secondary processing requested by the customer be implemented in accordance with the same standards on pistachios. For example, if the destination is EU countries, the pistachios with low aflatoxin we should export. At the same time, if costumer order the flavored pistachios, we care should take not to pistachio quality during the process of processing. Processing process such as flavoring.


The packaging selected by pistachio export company

Another important issue is the route of transportation of pistachio cargo from origin to destination. The type of packaging suitable for product protection we should select based on what kind of route. And, of coarse, in what manner it is intended for pistachios.


Pistachio exports process

In addition to all of these, the pistachio export company should be able to deliver healthy pistachio to the buyer by contracting with:

  • Trusted shipping companies
  • And insurance companies.

Of course, the possibility of creating a suitable payment method for the buyer is one of the things that the pistachio export company pays attention to.

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