raw pistachio kernels bulk

raw pistachio kernels bulk

The raw pistachio kernels can be bought and sold for use in the combination of nuts or as a raw material in the production of various types of food products.

The most important feature that makes pistachios an ideal choice for use in the food industry is its unique flavor. People use the pistachios in many food industry units due to its excellent taste. Of course pistachios are not just food, its medicinal properties have expanded its use in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics.


Raw pistachio kernels for nuts

The best quality of raw pistachio kernels is for the use of nuts, pistachios derived from open shell pistachios. The brains of this type of pistachio are very good in terms of coarseness. And, of course, the color of pistachios. And it can be a good option for using nuts.


Raw pistachio kernels for food industry units

The raw pistachio kernels for food industry units can be supplied in different qualities depending on the type of use. All types of pistachios can be a good option for food industry units. Of the types of green peeled pistachio kernels, which are the most expensive type of pistachio, to also the meat kernels are the cheapest. The question of which type of pistachio cereal can be suitable for a food product unit is completely dependent on its type of use.

Types of raw pistachio kernels are fully introduced in the catalog. Details about the quality of any kind of pistachio cereals are also provided in the products section on our site. You can contact us for more information.

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