pistachio export statistics

pistachio export statistics

Do you have information on pistachio export statistics? Which country is the main pistachio exporter in the world? And why is it the top pistachio exporter?

First, we introduce pistachio producers in the world. The most important pistachio producing countries are Iran and the US. The amount of pistachio production in these countries is huge and significant. These two countries are the source of pistachios in many countries of the world.

We want to mention the amount of pistachio export statistics. Most countries purchase pistachios from the two countries of Iran and the United States. Statistics show that Iran has the largest exports. Iran’s pistachio is sold not only among neighboring countries, but Iran also sends this product to distant countries.

In 2015, a total of 294,000 metric tons of pistachios were exported. Of this amount of pistachio, 42% of pistachios were exported by Iran, 26% by the United States and also 17% by the China.

Meanwhile, the 5-year average also shows that Iran accounts for 40% of the total world exports of pistachios. And the United States is in second place with 34%. Also the China is in third place.

The reason for the boom of Iranian pistachio exports

The first and foremost reason for the high boom in Iran’s exports of pistachios is the high production of pistachios in the country. In the next step, we can mention the following:
  • The quality of Iran’s pistachio production.
  • Variety of manufactured products.
  • Also Suitable packing and promotion of affiliated industries.
  • Commitment in delivering pistachio cargo.
  • As well as creating infrastructure for business exchanges.
  • Etc

The Iranian pistachio exporters have been able to maintain their status as the top pistachio exporter. Iran has trade and financial exchanges with many countries around the world in the field of pistachios. These countries are not just neighboring countries. But, each of the five continents is on the list of Iranian pistachio customers.

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