pistachios shelled raw unsalted

pistachios shelled raw unsalted

Pistachios shelled raw unsalted can be in different qualities in terms of size, number, type, etc. are different, they are available. But which kind of unsalted raw shelled pistachios is suitable for us?

You are certainly also familiar with the quality of pistachios shelled raw unsalted. If your information about these products is low, you can use our Catalog to find out more about the products and the types of pistachios.

Given the high variation in the types of unsalted shelled raw pistachios, sometimes pistachio businessman thinks about which pistachio model could be suitable for them? The answer to this question is that the pistachio buyer knows the target market well. Based on the target market and pistachio consumption, we can answer this question. We compare the two different target markets below. This comparison can accurately determine the subject we are discussing.

Pistachio price in india

India, among the pistachios of different qualities, likes some kind of pistachio that has a white skin color. They look like pistachios. Both in terms of color and coarse. So, from different pistachio cultivars, they love pistachio Ahmad Aghaei more. Because this pistachio variety among all kinds of shelled raw unsalted pistachios have a white skin color and a beautiful flower color. The large and medium size of this pistachio variety is suitable for pistachio exports to India.

Pistachio price in china

What is the taste of China’s pistachio market? Due to the high population of China and the high volume of sales, and of course the economic conditions prevailing in this country, traders pistachio imports to China often choose cheap pistachios. Among the different qualities of pistachios shelled raw unsalted, mechanically opened pistachios are a good option for exporting to China. Of the various varieties, Fandoghi pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are often chosen for pistachio exports to China.

To have a successful pistachio trade, you can consult with our experts. You can also contact us for quotation inquiry and price list.

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