fandoghi pistachio wholesalers

fandoghi pistachio wholesalers

Fandoghi Pistachio wholesalers offer this product in the market of the Asian countries with good reception this product such as China and Hong Kong, Russia, Pakistan and ….

Fandoghi pistachio has the highest production output from pistachio cultivars. For this reason, it has the highest sales and exports. Of course, the pistachio specification also plays an important role in boosting its sales.


Important details of Fandoghi Pistachio

The most important characteristics of fandoghi pistachio that boosted its sales includes the following.

  • A more balanced fandoghi pistachio price than other varieties
  • Higher fandoghi pistachio health and less contamination with Aspergillus and Aflatoxin

The more balanced price of fandoghi pistachio has increased its popularity among Asia. Fandoghi pistachio wholesalers, due to the good welcome of this pistachio variety in this continent, annually bring a significant amount of this pistachio to all over the world.

Of course, fandoghi pistachio wholesaler will consider the EU countries another fandoghi pistachio target market. Because, as we have mentioned, the amount of contamination of this pistachio variety is very low to aflatoxin. The reason is the harvest season of this pistachio. The season of harvest is fandoghi pistachio earlier than other commercial cultivars. So they are less exposed to heat and pollution of Aspergillus fungi. Therefore, pistachio wholesaler has more success in exporting fandoghi pistachios to the European Union and other countries such as Singapore.

You can contact us to order this pistachio. We introduce the quality of this pistachio in the catalog.

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