biggest pistachio producer in the world

biggest pistachio producer in the world

Do you know the biggest pistachio producer in the world. Familiarity with the largest pistachio producer and access to it can be successful in having a successful shopping and business.

Successful shopping is one of the most important issues pistachio merchants and other products pay attention to. One of the parameters that is considered in measuring the success of a purchase is achieving the product we are looking for at the best price and the most basic price.

We know that the main supplier’s access is one reason for achieving the product at an affordable price. Therefore, we need to know the largest pistachio producer in the world, so we can buy pistachios in high tonnage and at reasonable prices.


Biggest pistachio producer and exporter

To find out the world’s largest pistachio producers, we need to review the production statistics. INC statistics show that the two main centers of pistachio production in the world are the United States and Iran. The two countries have a total of about 75 per cent of the world’s pistachio production. Export statistics also show that these two countries are the main source of pistachios for other countries. It also shows that more than 70% of all exports of pistachios are made by these two countries.

Now that we know the two biggest pistachio producer in the world, we can easily get in touch with the pistachio exporters.

Access to the information of the large pistachio producers and exporters in these countries is very simple. Just talk with old pistachio traders. Who they are in your country. So, you can simply get information from the big pistachio exporters.

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