pistachio nut kernels

pistachio nut kernels

Meat kernels pistachios is one of the types of pistachio nut kernels that is widely used in the production of other pistachio products, including pistachio butter, pistachio powder and ….

Meat kernels pistachios is one of the many types of pistachios. This pistachio kernels , the picture you see below, is very tiny. Its dark skin is dark. And it turns black. This pistachio brain is obtained from fine grains and in fact waste that is removed during the processing of pistachios from the main consignment. Meat kernels pistachios are of the lowest quality among the different qualities of pistachio kernels . And the cheapest pistachios are among the types of kernels.

But what are the uses of this pistachio kernels with these characteristics?


Uses of Pistachio nut kernels

We use the types of pistachio nut kernels widely in the food industry. Of course, people use pistachios in different shapes in the food industry Among these products we can mention pistachio powder and pistachio butter. We use pistachio nut kernels to prepare these products. Pistachios Meat kernels are suitable for pistachio powder and pistachio butter.

Other types of pistachio nut kernels, of course, we also use to make these products. We determine the price of pistachio products are price depending on which types of pistachios we use for its produce. As we use the brain of Qazvin pistachio kernels and the unripe pistachio kernels for the preparation and processing of pistachio powder. The pistachios powder is of higher quality and therefore the price is higher.

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