sells pistachio kernels for 6.50 $

Pistachio sells pistachio kernels for $6.50, what type of pistachio nuts? What are their consumption? Do you have standard codex for health and safety?

The pistachios are classified in several categories in terms of size and quality. During the processing of pistachios, the finer grains and the seeds that have a smaller brain are placed on top of the water. In fact, a separation step is performed at this stage.

After drying pistachios, the pistachios are again screened and detached. Usually, defective pistachio seeds are transmitted to the brain for processing. The brains made from these pistachios are classified as grade three pistachios. We call them the meat kernel. In Iran, these pistachios are known as Moushue and Gandomi.

The consumption of meat kernels

These pistachios are only suitable for the food industry. These are the best options for pistachios or pistachios. These products have acceptable levels of healthy and standards. But due to their fineness and quality, they are ranked among the top three pistachios.

The price of meat kernels / sells pistachio kernels for 6.50 $

The price of these pistachios is much lower than the brains of the large and healthy pistachios. For this reason, they also have a high economic cost for production units. These pistachios are priced below $ 7. Both Iran’s own market is a customer of this type of pistachios, and are also suitable for export.

You can ask for the quality of this model of pistachios kernels.

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