mechanically opened pistachios wholesale

mechanically opened pistachios wholesale

Mechanically opened pistachios are the most important group of cheap pistachios. Did you know that this group of pistachios have different types and qualities. In the following, we will talk about this in more detail.

There are a few questions about mechanically opened pistachios. The first question is why these pistachios are in the ranks of cheap pistachios? The second question is about how to determine the quality of these pistachios? And the next question is, what is the difference in the quality different of mechanically open pistachios?

We answer these questions in the order below.

One of the most important reasons for mechanically opened pistachios in the low pistachios is the ratio of brain weight to total pistachios weight. This parameter is considered in all grains’ brain fruits. The high proportion of pistachio kernels weight to total pistachio weight means a higher quality of pistachios. This proportion is much lower in mechanically open pistachios than in naturally open pistachios. For this reason, the price of these pistachios is relatively lower.


How to determine the quality of mechanically opened pistachios?

We consider the below parameters in order to determine the mechanically opened pistachios quality.

  1. Pistachio cereal weight ratio to total pistachio weight
  2. Size of pistachios
  3. Pistachio cultivar
  4. Appearance of pistachios
  5. And so on.

The issues we are discussing are the most important in determining the mechanically opened pistachios quality . So the most important differences in the quality of these pistachios are the same. For example, mechanically open pistachios with a higher quality have a higher brain percentage. Or has a bigger size and ….

To find out more about mechanically opened pistachios and successful pistachio shopping experience, you can read the section on these pistachios from the product section. You can also go to the Catalog or contact us.

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