bulk buy pistachios from iran

bulk buy pistachios from iran

Buy pistachios from Iran in bulk and packaged products as well as raw and roasted carried out. The merchants of each country, according to the taste of their country’s consumers, choose a special type of pistachio and packaging.

As we mentioned in the previous articles, fortunately, the high diversity of pistachios in Iran meets the needs of different countries. Different countries often have a taste difference in buying pistachios. In choosing the type of packaging, most countries also have a different taste. Some of them buy bulk pistachios and some pistachios are packed.


Buy bulk and packaged pistachios from iran

The food packaging industry in Iran has grown enormously. Fortunately, packaging has improved in the pistachio industry. Iran now manufactures pistachios in a variety of packaging with the highest standards of sanitation. Types of small pistachios are:

  • Packing of pistachio metal cans
  • Packed Nylon Pistachios
  • Pistachio Metallized Packaging
  • And …

These packages are produced in small weights of a few grams to several hundred grams and are used for pistachios.

Countries with poor packaging industry, such as Iraq. Therefore, Iraqi businessmen often claim pistachios with small packages. Of course, the taste of countries is also different in choosing the type of packaging. For example, the Iraqi country likes more metal packaging.

Of course, some countries, considering the potential of their consumption market, buy pistachios from Iran in bulk as well as pistachios packed.

You can contact us if you would like to buy a variety of bulk as well as packed pistachios. You can get a list of all types of packaged pistachios. We declare our communication ways below.

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