flavored pistachio nuts for sale in bulk

flavored pistachio nuts for sale in bulk

We categorize various flavored pistachio nuts for sale based on three parameters of raw pistachio quality, flavoring material type and also processing method.

There is one of the most important issues in selling and exporting pistachio flavors, paying attention to the taste of the people of the destination country. Consumers in different parts of the world have a different taste. This difference in taste is clearly evident in their nutritional models.


The taste of different countries in the buy flavored pistachios

Experience has shown that different countries have different tastes in buying pistachios. Some are fond of Fandoghi pistachios. While some like the coarse and long pistachios such as Akbari. Also some costumers like the Kalleh ghuchi pistachios.

Also given that flavored pistachios has different types, people in different countries often choose different types of them.


Types of flavored pistachio nuts for sale

Flavored pistachios can be classified in a variety of ways.

  • The first issue we are considering is the raw quality pistachio we used to process flavored pistachios. We choose this quality often based on our agreement with the buyer.
  • The second is the type of flavoring. Different flavoring materials are used for pistachios. Including saffron, pepper, salt, lemon juice and so on. Depending on the flavoring, we also put flavored pistachios in several groups.
  • As well as the next topic is the roasting method. Tasting of pistachio has several stages in which its arrangement and method of doing it directly affects the final taste of pistachios.


As you can see, the variety of flavored pistachio nuts is high for sale. You can order your requested model.

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