green pistachio nuts sale

green pistachio nuts sale

Green pistachio nuts sale are carried out in different parts of the world. The countries of China, Hong Kong, the European Union, the UAE, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Germany and … are among the most important markets for green pistachio nuts.

Turning people around the world into consuming high-nutritional foods in recent years has been due to increased awareness about the impact of healthy eating on health. Grain nuts are now at the center of attention of consumers around the world. And statistics show that consumption of these products, including pistachios, has increased significantly.

According to INC, pistachio consumption in different countries is as follows:

Year: 2015 Country
Consumption (MT)
119.256 Turkey
77.189 USA
59.935 Vietnam
40.000 Iran
25.148 syria
21.928 China
17.910 Germany
10.484 Belgium
9.880 Italy
7.045 Afghanestan
6.812 France
6.491 Spain
6.407 Suidi Arabia
6.218 India


Green pistachio nuts sale in Vietnam

As you can see, Turkey has the highest consumption. It is a pistachio producer. And of course, each year, they buy pistachios from Iran.

America is the second largest consumer of pistachios in the world. Each year, they spend some of their production on the domestic market and export the rest to different parts of the world.


Price of pistachio nuts Vietnam

Vietnam has third place in terms of annual consumption in 2015. Vietnam is one of the most important target markets for Iran’s pistachio. Iran annually sends a significant amount of green pistachio nuts to the country. According to the Chamber of Commerce in 2017, Iran has exported more than 20,000 tons of pistachios to Vietnam.


Buy Iranian pistachio nuts

In terms of annual pistachio consumption, Iran is in fourth place. Iran is one of the largest producers and the largest exporter of pistachios in the world and annually exports a significant amount of its products. And it consumes a percentage in the domestic market.

Green pistachio nuts are also popular snacks. And also in the preparation of various types of food products. Iran, as the largest exporter of this product, supplies pistachios to various countries.

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