Iranian pistachio nuts for sale australia

Iranian pistachio nuts for sale australia

Iranian pistachio nuts for sale Australia are well received by the market. This has made Australia one of the permanent pistachio customers in Iran.

The statistics from Iran’s imports of pistachios to various countries show that Australia is a pistachio customer of Iran. This country buys pistachio from Iran almost every year. In addition to pistachios in shell, Iran also exports types of pistachio kernels to this country. Such as the green peeled pistachio kernels. The green peeled pistachio kernels is one of the Iranian pistachio export kernels. The point that we want to mention here is the Australian standard for buying pistachios.

Check the quality of Iranian pistachio nuts for sale Australia

The country’s standard has put restrictions on pistachios. That is, the virtual limit of contamination with toxins, especially fungal toxins such as aflatoxin, which is common in pistachios, is lower in the standard of the country than the FAO has determined.

An exporter of pistachios often takes this into account in exporting pistachios to Australia. The exporter of pistachio cargo, along with the pistachio aflatoxin survey, sends it to the country.

However, the Australian nation is analyzing and testing pistachios. And compares the health level of pistachio cargo to own standards and allows or not allows the import of pistachios. This applies to all pistachio items, including pistachios in shell, pistachio kernels, or also pistachio products.

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