roasted unsalted pistachio nuts shelled

roasted unsalted pistachio nuts shelled

Roasted unsalted pistachio nuts shelled are some kind of roasted pistachios that is suitable for sale as nuts. This product is a variety of Iranian pistachios exports, which the seller, according to the buyer’s request, processes and supplies.

There are two models and batches of roasted unsalted pistachio nuts. We introduce these two models in the following text.


Roasted unsalted pistachio nuts for sale

One of the models of roasted pistachios is pistachios process without the use of any flavoring materials. In this roasting method, we no use flavoring substance during roasting. This pistachio model has its own fans both in the domestic market of Iran and in the market of some countries that are customers of Iranian pistachio.

Other types of these pistachios are the types which we different flavors use in it’s roasting. Flavors such as saffron, pepper, lemon juice, salt and ….

In most flavored pistachios, producers often use the salt in addition to the main ingredient of the flavor. For example, flavored pistachio saffron – salt.

Non-use of salt in flavoring pistachios creates a different kind of pistachios without salt, which has its own special customers.


Buy flavored pistachios

The types of roasted unsalted pistachio nuts that we describe above, are part of variety of Iranian roasted pistachios. We sell these products in the Iranian market, and also we export them to different parts of the world.

Buyers and customers can order their pistachio type with any special process they are looking for. The pistachios are roasted according to the type of buyer’s demand.

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